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This animated short brings Metaphorest’s poem “Above It All” to life. The RE: SPACE episode of HITRECORD ON TV airs TONIGHT at 10pm ET on Pivot.

HitRecord short film I scored. Very touching and inspiring film that really ‘spoke’ to me. 

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Songwriters deserve fair pay for their work. Ask Pandora’s new CEO Brian McAndrews to #StandWithSongwriters today!

Songwriters deserve fair pay for their work. Ask Pandora’s new CEO Brian McAndrews to #StandWithSongwriters today!


MUSICIANS: Contribute your Instrumental parts to THIS SCORE for “Above It All.” Please stick very closely with the timing of the Score when you contribute & refer to THESE NOTES for additional creative direction. CONTRIBUTE HERE


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Recently explored Joseph Gordon Levitt’s site and found a cool little project to score…here’s what’s happening.

New music for the New Peterson Automotive Museum here in Los Angeles.

Starting at :15 to 2:47. MLB All Star Game Opening ceremony featuring music by yours truly. Experience the magic of this stunning quality SD video thanks to youtube’s user generated content. 


Frost Wars-The Rise of Fatty Sparkles, has moved into a ‘closed beta’ stage. Here is a suite of music from this video game. Check out too.

A few years ago I learned that Thundercats was getting a reboot with WB and Cartoon Network. I decided to write a new theme for the show for fun. Ya’ know…for fun.
In the process I learned about the original series/theme composer Bernard Hoffer. I liked that he was a graduate of Eastman. But I also discovered how there is a cult following of not only the original series, but the music too. Search youtube for thundercats character themes and you’ll see what I mean.

Covers of TV themes, videogame themes and songs on REAL instruments seems to be a growing trend. (Or maybe I’m just seeing it for the first time.) Either way, I think it’s encouraging to say the least. The bleep boink burp of turning knobs to blinking lights has it’s place (the rave). But if you want to SEE a piece of music performed…let’s just leave it to the musicians.

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